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Three Phase RC Filter - T-RCF

Spark Quenchers are used in electrical applications to suppress back EMF generated in inductive load and also used in protection of Solid State switches. They are installed across the load or across the output contacts switching the load. This reduces occurrence of arcing and noise generation in relay and switch contacts.

What EMIS Offers

High reliability, MIL-grade solutions from EMIS not only provide one of the smallest footprints available in the market, but also the added flexibility of widely ranging interconnect options for ease of integration into existing systems.

Three phase Spark Quenchers
Lightning arrestors
RF protectors – for coaxial cable lines and signal input port equipment
Single and multi-socket power guards with surge protection
Mounting, Construction, Ratings

Note: Customer specific solutions are also delivered on request, apart from filters and shielding solutions from the product catalog.

Operating Voltage


Operating Frequency

Scientific solutions that are relevant and adaptable to the evolving needs and environments.

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    Three Phase RC Filter - T-RCF