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Industrial Technology

The impact of EMI on the Industrial sector can lead the machinery to malfunction or permanently damage. Most electronic devices generate high frequency electromagnetic noise, degrading the quality of power transmissions. Modern VFDs using IGBT switches for motor frequency control are prone to much higher EMI being generated because of high frequency transistor switching. High dV/dt rates at the motor connected to the VFD result in radiated electric fields and voltage spikes conducted along the motor cabling.

EMIS filters are a specialized solution for the industrial EMI noise specifically designed to enhance the system performance and reduce the noise by cancelling or grounding the line. EMI Filters are mandatorily used in power supplies to prevent malfunction and damage to nearby equipment.

EMI Solutions for Industrial Technology

EMIS offers Single Phase and Three Phase Power Line filters with compact size, high attenuation and different mounting arrangements

EMIS also offers Power Quality products like AC Line Reactors and Passive Harmonic Filters for power systems to reduce harmonic distortion, dv/dt reactor or filter and Sinewave filter for smooth operation of motors

Other solutions for EMI noise suppression in industrial technology include guidance on shielding, routing and grounding arrangements

EMIS Offers

Solutions across the EMI spectrum

Our extensive product range meets requirements concerning EMI susceptibility across the entire frequency spectrum.

Stringent compliance to standards

Our single and three phase filter series guarantee to limit the leakage currents below 0.5 mA in order to meet the requirements of the medical standards IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments.

EMIS houses sophisticated and fully equipped testing facilities at our EMI/EMC testing laboratory in Bangalore, India.

Our facility is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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