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Consumer Appliances

EMI can cause home appliances to malfunction and, in some cases, even damage the electrical circuits of the appliance permanently. The digital electronics content in home appliances is rapidly growing and so are regulatory requirements worldwide.

CE marking is made mandatory to export the appliances worldwide and in which EMC compliances (Emission and Immunity) play major part of it besides the safety test.
A very effective solution to this is the use of White goods EMI Filters. These filters not only ensure smooth and reliable functioning of the appliances but also extend the life of the home appliances. It is becoming a very relevant part of the latest home appliance circuitry.

EMI Solutions for Consumer Appliances

EMI Filters for EMC compliances (Susceptibility and Emission)

EMI Solutions is market leader with years of experience on various applications and effects of EMI including the ever-growing major home appliance market. EMIS has wide range of EMI Filters exclusively developed for the White goods. These Filters are certified as per the International safety standards UL60939-3, CSA 22.2 and IEC 60939-1and 2.

EMIS provide solutions to major OEM’s in white goods markets helping in qualifying the system with the EMC requirements. EMIS not only offers relevant products to arrest this problem, but also provides the solutions to fix EMI regulatory issues

EMIS testing and consultancy services for consumer appliances

EMIS EMC lab provides the complete testing solutions as per the CISPR and IEC/EN standards

EMC Standard for Major Home Appliances – CISPR14-1 (EMISSION)
• Conducted Emission – CISPR11

EMC Standard for Major Home Appliances – CISPR14-2 (IMMUNITY)
• ESD – IEC61000-4-2
• EFD – IEC61000-4-4
• Surge – IEC61000-4-5
• Conducted Immunity – IEC61000-4-6
• Power Frequency Magnetic Pulse – IEC61000-4-8
• Voltage Dip / Power Fail as per IEC 61000-4-11

EMIS houses sophisticated and fully equipped testing facilities at our EMI/EMC testing laboratory in Bangalore, India.

Our facility is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Solutions across the EMI spectrum

Our extensive product range meets requirements concerning EMI susceptibility across the entire frequency spectrum.

Stringent compliance to standards

Our single and three phase filter series guarantee to limit the leakage currents below 0.5 mA in order to meet the requirements of the medical standards IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments.

EMIS Offers

We love tinkering and finding scientific challenges to help us push our envelopes. Looking for a custom solution that is not available in our catalogue?