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The Telecommunication industry is vastly expanding with new devices and equipment being deployed for both wired and wireless communication solutions. This makes managing the EMI immunity a great challenge. Signal transmitters and mobile towers also emit strong signals which cause EMI emissions. There is a high impact of emissions on the human population and plant/animal life living in close proximity to telecom installations.

EMIS offers a comprehensive range of EMI filters, auxiliary components and testing and consultancy services for the specific challenges in the telecommunications sector; for example central office equipment like signaling gateways, telephone exchanges, data centers or distributed equipment like BTS or even home communication equipment like wire-line and wireless routers.

EMI Solutions for Telecommunication

EMIS Filters and components range for telecommunications

We have a wide range of input filters to reduce conducted EMI for various Telecommunication applications including the 5G Base stations.

Our product range also meets requirements concerning EMI susceptibility which support the entire frequency spectrum

We deliver associated products for adequate grounding, shielding and cabling to manage radiated emissions

Our facility filters comply with the highest international standards of conducted and radiated emission tests

EMIS testing and consultancy services for telecom specifications

Expert engineering and consulting teams provide support to design, plan, execute, inspect and verify EMI compliant systems

We have test facility for Surge test as per relevant Telecom standard.

Solutions across the EMI spectrum

Our extensive product range meets requirements concerning EMI susceptibility across the entire frequency spectrum.

Stringent compliance to standards

Our single and three phase filter series guarantee to limit the leakage currents below 0.5 mA in order to meet the requirements of the medical standards IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments.

EMIS Offers

EMIS houses sophisticated and fully equipped testing facilities at our EMI/EMC testing laboratory in Bangalore, India.

Our facility is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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